5 Unbeatable Cruise Holidays


These days there are endless different packages for cruise holidays, making it a little overwhelming when deciding which to choose. Here is a selection of 5 great options, from trips for novices to those for experienced aficionados.

The Classic Med

The Mediterranean is a classic trip for anyone wishing to try out the cruising lifestyle. With influence from both the European and Asian continents, the Med gives a taste of the exotic, despite being only a few hours from the UK. With many beautiful ports in close proximity to one another, cruises are able to cover many top destinations in one trip, whilst providing a comfortable base from which to see the sights. It therefore provides a great option for first-time cruisers. Holiday providers offer a wide range of cruise brochures so that you can pick the perfect route for your tastes.

A Taste of the Orient

A cruise around China and Japan offers a chance to see for yourself this constantly growing and shifting part of the world. Alongside ancient traditions and culture sits a seemingly incongruous ultra-modern society. Hurtling head-first into the future, the Far East’s major cities showcase world-class technological advances and vertigo-inducing skyscrapers, whilst visitors can also visit an array of infamous ancient sites and natural wonders. Travelling by cruise provides a great way to cover a lot of ground in this vast and varied part of the world.

Arabian Nights

For the more intrepid travellers, cruise trips around Arabia and the Middle East provide a great way to see a part of the world that might feel inaccessible to many. With a rich history and a wealth of ancient sites to visit, this is a great destination for lovers of antiquity and culture. Go and see for yourself and form your own opinion about an area that is so often negatively portrayed by the media. One you’ve set eyes on the ramshackle markets, rooftop cafes and ancient wonders there’s a good chance your heart will be won.

Sunshine Samba

For those in search of a longer itinerary, a cruise of South America is a wonderful way to see the sights it has to offer. With such a vast and varied landscape, you could be sailing between fjords, mountain and desert landscapes all in one trip, not to mention the wide array of natural species to be sighted along the way. Alternatively, an Amazon River cruise offers the chance to see Brazil in all its glory, whilst also experiencing a jungle landscape. With seasons the opposite to ours in the UK, it’s the perfect option for a winter getaway.

Cruising in a Winter Wonderland

An Antarctic cruise isn’t for everyone, but for those bored of beaches and sunshine it is a real adventure. Not many of us can say that we’ve been to this part of the world, and for nature enthusiasts and intrepid travellers it is certainly one for the bucket list. With Antarctic cruises usually lasting in excess of 3 weeks, there is plenty of time to marvel at the colossal ice bergs, adorable seal pups and comical penguins, along with sightings of rarer birds and mammals native only to this part of the world.

With such a wide array of opportunities on offer, a cruise holiday provides an unparalleled opportunity to see difficult-to-reach parts of the globe. So what are you waiting for, why not book a trip today?

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