Methods of timeshare cancellation legally


Timeshare is a beautiful luxurious matter, a home away home to enjoy when you are in a vacation. Timeshare contract is like owning a property. It is a contract to have your vacation home against and a huge amount of money. You need to pay all the maintenance charges also even if you are not visiting the home years after years. The cancellation process of a timeshare is a troublesome matter. Once you have bought it, it is really difficult to get rid of it. No company can assure you that you will be able to cancel it surely after the grace period. Vidanta timeshare cancellation companies can guide you indeed to get rid of your timeshare. These companies are a wise option because they complete the method in a legal way so that you will not be responsible to pay a huge amount for cancellation. To have a flawless cancellation, you need to start it before buying.

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Some methods to follow

  • When you are buying the timeshare, do your own research, complete research on the company is a must from where you are buying it. Research thoroughly and take legal advice first. Check that if the contract has a part dedicated about the cancellation process otherwise it will be more than difficult for you to cancel it after recession period. Keep all the documents safe that you were given and make the notes of what was said and the date for the record. It is obvious that you can forget the little things often, so keep the notes always.
  • Don’t forget to read the small print also about the cooling-off period. This is the only chance you will get to cancel the contract. Always make sure you get independent legal advice before signing any type o paper to make sure your rights are protected.
  • Always try to pay with your credit card. This is because if you have trouble getting your money back and have proof of cancellation and can claim it within 60 days. Even the card companies will help you to get your money back under the sub-sections of the Consumer Credit Act.
  • Typically, you can cancel your membership or purchase of a timeshare within two weeks of signing the contract. Make sure you do this in writing and send it via tracked or mail and signed for delivery. Remember to retain the proof of the posting. Make sure you have added the date and the number of the agreement so that there will be no confusion. You can either write a cancellation letter or can use a complete Pro-forma cancellation notice. It should have been given to you on the signing.

There are certain laws on timeshare contract and you need to cancel your contract on the basis of that. You can just resale it or can donate it but to cancel the deal, you need to go through the legal and proven method. There are many companies or the Vidanta timeshare cancellation company that offer great help to get rid of your timeshare contract.

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