4 Advantages Of Waterbom Attraction In Bali


Want to take your family to a fun water park in Bali? Then Waterbom Bali could be your best choice. The reason is this water attraction in Bali has several advantages of its own.

Here, we will provide complete information regarding the exciting advantages of this tourist attraction. Therefore, read the contents of this article carefully from beginning to end.

4 Advantages of Waterbom Attraction in Bali

According to what we said at the beginning of the article, this tourist attraction has various advantages, which can be a distinct difference between this water park from the others.

Without further ado, here are four advantages that Waterbomb Bali has:

1. Suitable as a Family Vacation Destination

This tourist destination is one of the vacation destinations that tourists should visit while on vacation to the island of Bali with their family. Both local and foreign tourists are guaranteed to be satisfied with a holiday with family to this place.

This water park is equipped with various fun rides, which will bring you to an exciting holiday experience that is hard to forget.

2. Guaranteed Water Cleanliness

Some tourist destinations such as swimming pools and water parks like this will use some water cleaning chemicals. But put your worries aside, Waterbom Bali does not use water cleaning chemicals like that.

The pristine water quality in this place is no doubt. The reason is that the cleanliness of the water in this tourist destination is guaranteed not to make your skin itchy or experience other dangerous symptoms.

 3. Various Kinds of Fun Rides

Waterbom in Bali is equipped with various types of swimming rides with different height levels so that tourists can choose for themselves which type of rides best suit their desires.

Starting from the Smash Down, which has a slope of 60 degrees and a speed of 70 km per hour, Funtastic, Pipeline, Superbowl, and so on, you can definitely enjoy a vacation in this place.

 4. Close to Other Tourist Destinations

The distance between this tourist destination and the GWK Bali Statue tourist destination is quite close. To reach it, Waterbom visitors only need to spend approximately 20-30 minutes on the way.

In addition, this tourist destination is also equipped with various types of public facilities so that tourists will not find it challenging to meet their needs during the holidays.

Enjoy a fun vacation with your beloved family by visiting tourist destinations that suitable for family recreational activities.

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