Tips for Choosing a Villa to Stay in Bali


In choosing a place to stay while on vacation, you should consider carefully and prioritize comfort while staying there. The number of Bali must see tourist attractions today makes you want to visit there and stay in one of the best villas in Bali.

Choose a comfortable villa that has a sufficient budget and prioritizes health protocols. Also, ensure the capacity of the people staying in it follows the size of the place. Pay attention to how to choose the right villa while on vacation in Bali.

Tips for Choosing a Comfortable Villa When Vacationing in Bali

Choose a villa that suits your needs, is comfortable, and has a strategic location close to interesting tourist attractions. For example, Vila Nusa Dua Bali is relaxing and has luxurious facilities. Follow these tips for choosing a comfortable villa while on vacation in Bali:

1. Choose a Private Villa

When staying at a villa in Bali, you should choose a private place, especially if you come with a group of friends or family. So that you and your group are more comfortable if you stay in a private villa, not disturbed by other people.

It’s different if you choose to stay in a hotel with the possibility of meeting other guests who are also staying there. But a private villa will make you and your family or friends more comfortable.

2. Choose a Villa with Strict Health Protocols

To minimize the possibility of contracting the virus during the pandemic, you should also choose a villa with strict health protocol rules to ensure that the villa is very clean and well maintained.

You can consult directly with the villa owner about how clean the villa is and whether it follows health protocols or not so that you can stay and sleep safely there.

3. Looking for Promo Prices

The low cost of staying by getting promo prices is a dream for people on vacation. You can look for promo prices on the chosen villa for a more affordable rate per night.

Avoid special holidays such as long holidays for school or long holidays due to public holidays. Moreover, private villas are usually more expensive than ordinary villas. So it is very important to get an affordable villa with a promo price.

4. Find a location that is not too crowded

Choose a quiet and not crowded area in Bali to support your comfort while staying there. Coupled with the parking area is comfortable and safe because it is not too crowded with tourists.

This parking area must also be considered because there are many cheap places to stay in Bali, but the parking area is narrow.

Staying at a hotel, resort, or villa is the same thing. However, you must pay attention to several things when choosing a place like a villa to stay in so that you will not be disappointed staying there while on vacation.

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