6 Interesting Spots at East Java’s Red Beach.


When we talk about East Java, the city Malang or Surabaya Indonesia is usually the first thing that comes to mind. These two cities do have a lot of charm, including in terms of tourist destinations.

But another famous city in East Java is rich in tourist attractions, it even has a red beach. The city is called Banyuwangi. The name of this beach invites the curiosity of tourists from various cities. It makes it rarely empty of visitors.

Red Beach Banyuwangi Attractions

1. Red Hill

One of the beautiful panoramas in this place is the hill that stretches for 3 km and is located not far from the beach. Not only beautiful, but this hill is also unique because it has red soil like brick powder. You can take a wooden boat to get to this hill and see the beauty of the pantai merah beach from a different angle.

2. Red Twilight

Blue waters, big hills, and sunsets are the perfect combination to spoil your eyes. Uniquely, the sunset on this beach looks redder, especially in summer. This is why the sunset on this beach is said to be the most beautiful in Banyuwangi.

3. Surf Spots

Not only it is a suitable place for twilight hunters, Banyuwangi beach also offers cool surfing spots. The waves are very high, and the water conditions are considered safe for surfing. Local tourists and foreign tourists are also often seen surfing on this beach.

4. Culinary Heaven

Beach tourism will usually be more perfect if you enjoy a beachside lunch. Close to the Banyuwangi beach, there are food stalls that offer a variety of delicious menus that you can taste, such as rujak meatballs, grilled fish, rujak Soto, and rawon.

5. Safe Routes and Cheap Tickets

You can find this unique beach by coming to Sumberagung Village. If you come from downtown Banyuwangi, the distance is about 60 km, or it takes about 2 hours to drive. However, there is no need to worry about getting lost because this tourist attraction has many guides and easy paths. The beach is open to the public 24 hours a day with an entrance ticket of only 10,000 IDR per person.

This ticket price is valid for children and adults, while for babies or toddlers, it is free. But in addition to the entrance ticket, visitors still need to prepare additional money for vehicle parking tickets. The fare is around 2,000 IDR for two wheels and 5,000 IDR for a car.

6. Lodging availability

If you want to feel the beach atmosphere at night, or you still feel tired after driving from out of town, for example, then there are lodging facilities around the beach. The rates are affordable, around 100,000 IDR per night, and a room can be filled by a maximum of two people.

If you want to witness firsthand the beauty of this beach, the best time to come is summer between April to October. While the most appropriate time of arrival is noon or a bit late at dusk.

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