Five Fun Things About Train Journey


Train journeys are synonymous with adventure. Every time you take a train, you do not know what you will be looking forward to. There is excitement, and there is hope. To meet new people, who might become friends or to drink in the sights that pass by as the train moves. There is so much of a train journey than just travelling. So, next time you book your tickets or do PNR enquiry, know the below things make your journey on train fun and haunting.

Here are a few things that you will surely enjoy when you are on a train –

Sleeping –

Dozing off on the train is the best thing you can do if it’s a long journey, and you have nothing else to do. If it’s a sleeper class, you can lie down and enjoy a nap as comfortably as if you are at your home. The moving train offers a movement that cradles you into sleeping like a baby. Even if you are in seated coach, you can rest your head on the person next to you (if they don’t mind) and sleep. You can also read a book, listen to music or walk around on a train, which is not possible in other vehicles.

Making friends –

The best thing about trains is that people are not very private or to themselves on a train. They are talkative and want to start a conversation with fellow travellers. They will talk about everything from politics to films. Some of the friendships end once you get off the train and some have turned into love and marriage too! You never know if your life partner is on the same coach as you on a train. Keep your eyes open and be alert.

Food –

Unlike other transportations, trains are all about eating and drinking. You get all kinds of food like samosa, bhaji, idli, dosa, vada pav, sandwich and many more snacks. You even get meals and non-vegetarian delicacies. There is tea or coffee at every station that the train stops. You never get tired of eating the chips, biscuits and savouries sold by vendors who appear magically, sell the food items and disappear silently.

View –

Whether you are sitting in your seat or standing by the door, you will enjoy the wind on your face as you see the world running in the opposite direction of the train. Cities, villages, gardens, forests and lakes pass by as your train moves swiftly along. Watching nature is the best thing that you can do on a train. Sunsets and sunrise look the best from the window of a moving train. The offbeat tracks that the train covers offers the best and unique sights that you find nowhere else.

Toilets –

Yes, they are important too, especially if it is a long journey. Travelling by car or bus will have one inconvenience – no washroom. But luckily trains have toilets, both Indian style and American style toilets. You can use them anytime. This is especially convenient for old people and kids.

These are some of the things that will make your train journey important.

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