Things to Remember When Booking a Hotel


Your choice of hotel can turn out to be the most important decision you will make when planning some time away. Nobody wants to end up with a hotel room which they are not really that happy with, due to the fact that it can end up ruining a holiday.

And don’t forget that you will be paying for that same hotel room every day you are there. Any hotel which has a low base rate, but without any kind of amenities, can very often end up costing you much more than that other hotel which included all the complimentary extras.

By following this basic advice to get the most favourable room, you will be much more assured of spending a great time away and the best price.

  1. Remember to Find Out the Exact Location of the Hotel

You may end up staying at a great hotel which seemed to be in the perfect location, but is actually surrounded by busy roads, including an on-ramp and off-ramp to a motor on either side of the hotel.

So check maps or Google Earth and see what’s around the hotel’s location, because it’s always nice to stay in a great hotel, but not somewhere which is plain annoying.

  1. Research Review Sites

By knowing as much as possible about a place, you will end up staying in a hotel and room that suits you perfectly such as the Sunway Clio 4-star Petaling Jaya Hotel. Check out the hotel reviews on their site and then put its name into a search engine with the word “reviews” afterwards. You can find previous guests independent write ups there also and you may find some truths about certain hotels, which aren’t mentioned on their own site.

  1. Remember to Check Whether a Hotel Has an Airport Shuttle and How Far is it From Public Transport

Many people like to make use of public transportation, because it puts you among the locals in a simple, straightforward manner.

But to and from the airport, however, is something else. Beginning and ending any holiday trip by having to haul lots of bags around an unfamiliar subway system can be a bothersome experience!

  1. Try Contacting the Hotel Directly

If there’s a hotel which is showing that there are no available rooms, or high rates, why not telephone the hotel and enquire directly. Their front desk will usually have the latest information regarding cancellations, additional rooms and more which just might not be showing up straightaway on a hotel or booking sites.

  1. Don’t Be Shy, Just Ask

You may be quite surprised to find out what a hotel can and will do for you if you make use of simply being polite. Many front desk workers will be more than pleased to help you out with restaurant recommendations and reservations, call for taxis, give directions, assistance with public transportation and other types of help at any time.

Make your trip a great one with the above advice!

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