Wildlife Places You Must Definitely Visit


Wildlife is surely interesting. Many travellers look for the opportunity of being able to visit wildlife places around the world. The people who are curious about wildlife and love to go on adventures are always thrilled about getting the chance to witness wildlife first hand. The joy of being able to watch a species of animal up close, especially the species of tigers or rhinos, is an experience of a lifetime.

Here are a few wildlife places you should be travelling to if you are highly enthusiastic about the wildlife species. Correspondingly, do not forget to use the HotOzCoupons coupon codes to avail amazing discounts.

  1. Kanha Tiger Reserve, India

If you want to experience seeing the glorious big cat, then head out to the Kanha Tiger Reserve in India. It is home to the endangered tiger families. The best time for visiting this place is between March and May because the forests become dry and the tigers come near the water spots. You can also spot the endangered Barasingha, the handsome species of deer which was saved due to the conservation efforts of this Reserve.

  1. Kangaroo Island, Australia

Kangaroos are the pride of Australia. Kangaroo Island is a sanctuary dedicated to all the wildlife present in Australia. Because of the vast stretch of land, the tropical forests, the coastal areas and the varying degrees of temperature, Australia is home to various species of wildlife. Kangaroo Island is a short plane or ferry journey from the Adelaide port in South Australia. The island has been protected from any predators for a long time, and it has become home to all the wildlife species ranging from kangaroos to koalas in the land and whales to dolphins in the water. It has become a natural habitat. You are always welcome to go and have playtime with the kangaroos and the baby koalas!

  1. Tibetan Plateau, China

This place is not very popular. The Ruoergai Grassland is a vast area of the landscape inhabited by the Tibetan nomads. It is a less known wildlife destination, but this unpopularity of the place makes it more beautiful. It is a wildlife reserve to many species such as Palla’s cats, Tibetan Wolves, Tibetan foxes, Himalayan Marmots and hundreds of Grassland Pikas. Apart from all these species, the most interesting is the Chinese mountain cat, a species which is so rare that very less is known about its life.

  1. KaengKrachan National Park, Thailand

KaengKrachan is the biggest national park in Thailand, and you can experience the entire country’s wildlife here. The park has two campsites, one located at the foot and one at the top of the mountain. The campsite situated at the foot of the mountain has a giant-sized fruiting tree which attracts a variety of wildlife species like the dusky leaf monkeys, giant squirrels, pied hornbills etc. The Malayan porcupines also visit the national park at the night hour.

  1. Addo Elephant Park, South Africa

If you are looking for a close encounter with the African elephants, then Addo Elephant Park is the right place to go to. There are elephant roaming everywhere, either in groups or strolling alone. You can spot elephants cooling off under the shade, elephants taking a stroll across the area, a mother elephant leading her babies to the watering hole etc. You will get to see how it looks like when elephants interact among themselves and care for their younger ones. The Addo Park is also home to other species like the kudus, red hartebeest, elands, buffaloes, mongooses, meerkats etc.

  1. Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

The Reserve is located on the South West side of Kenya. The Reserve is home to royal wildlife like the Masai lions, African leopards, Tanzanian cheetahs and Thomson’s Gazelle. This is the place where the Wild Beast Migration takes place, and a wildlife enthusiast should not miss out on it. This place is also known for intriguing the photographer inside you because of the beauty it holds.

  1. Kinabatangan River, Borneo

The river is covered with oil palm plantations, and the forest is home to a variety of species. The river is full of primate and birds during the day. You can even get to see the endangered Borneo Orangutans and the proboscis monkeys. The night hours are ruled by the nocturnal species like the Philippine slow lorises, Western tarsiers, and the Borneo pygmy elephants.

Apart from all the thrill and fun, do not compromise on your safety. Have a great adventure in the wildlife!

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