Conventional things to do in Latin America


Latin America extends from the US-Mexican border to the Tierra del Fuego in Argentina and comprises of twenty sovereign states. Latin America crowns some of the most beautiful destinations in the world making it a dream vacation for every tourist. The region is a perfect blend of cultures, natural beauty, magnificent views, adventure and relaxation. Though it can be quite difficult to cover North, Central and South America just in one vacation, there is always a solution.

We have curated a list of top things to do in Latin America especially for you, take a look at it below:

Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru

The Cordillera Huayhuash hike in Peru offers a spectacular hiking experience for all adventure lovers. It rises above 12,000 feet and gives a view of the surrounding breath-taking landscapes. Experience the rather quieter side of Latin America as you hike through the mountains; carefully listen the sounds of birds and insects. If you are lucky, you might even encounter Ilamas on your way. The Glacier Lake is the major highlight of this sight. Peru holidays are perfect for backpackers, honeymooners or family.

Havana, Cuba

Visit the city of beautiful architecture, culturally rich people and music, Havana. However, Havana’s beauty is not just limited to its history and culture. The bustling streets of Cuba don plenty of cars that can make your eye pop-out! It is common to spot multiple vintage cars on just a single street. These cars are as old as from the 1950s. Havana’s climate is perfectly suitable to take a Studebakers, Chevrolet or a Pontiac out for a ride on the seaside Malecon.

Copper Canyon, Mexico

Located in the northwest region of Mexico, the Barranca del Cobre or Copper Canyon is larger than even the Grand Canyon. You can take our word for it has the most scenic train route in all of Latin America. To reach here, you can take the El Chepe train that run over 400 hundred miles and it take about 16 hours to cover this distance. The long journey will keep you on your feet throughout with the views outside the window and the destination will for sure be worth it! The professionals of Mexico and Cuba group tours are extremely knowledgeable to give you best of travel experience.

Chichen Itza, Mexico
if you are visiting Mexico, you just cannot afford missing out on the oldest and best preserved sight, Chichen Itza. Located in Yucatan peninsula, Chichen Itza showcases the rich Mayan civilization and is loved by all adventure seekers who visit here. You can scale the pyramids and then dead on to Sacred Cenote where the underground pool was used to offer sacrifices to the Mayan gods.

Patagonia, Argentina

Patagonia is the ultimate destination for thrill seekers. It offers magnificent views and varied adventures. We believe Patagonia is one such region that needs a separate vacation for itself. Apart from witnessing fjords, snow-capped mountains and sights that haven’t been touched by man, you can take a cruise ride in leisure through the rugged marvels of Patagonia. You can stop by at some small fishing villages accessible by the sea and taste the local seafood and wines. The prior arrangements of Patagonia Tours will give you stress free holiday experience.

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