Odessa more than meets the eyes


Located at the harbor of the black sea, Odessa in Ukraine is the place where you will find a large number of usual touristic activity with a very diverse taste, As this active city is highlighted with its ability to attract tourists who are searching for a vintage culture with a modern culture. There you will find ancient sovient murals mixed with some buildings that is signatured with modern art and the 19th century boutiques. All of this ends up mixing it’s own recipe of art, civilization and the prefect midetreranian weather.

This city was once ruled by a great man who is still referred to as the father of odessa this is the duke Richelieu, this man attracts a big number of aristocrats coming from Italy and France which made Odessa the third most prominent city in the russian empire coming right after Moscow & St. Petersburg and that’s why you will find a statue of memoriam right ahead the steps of Potikim,

Only there you could get the chance to introduce to this breathtaking mix of buildings that goes back to the 18th century & if you would like to have a closer look into this city secrets and mysteries all you have to do is ask about the catacombs which have an entrance in every main yard in Odessa, This huge catacomb underground maze was once the main way to roam around the city but unfortunately now it is closed due to the high number of lost children going in there, Although you can enter with a guided tour through some of it in order to know more about it’s archaeological mysteries and history.

Going back to the World War II, the people of Odessa used these secret underground tunnels in order to beat the Nazi’s forces who were seeking the destruction of thriving jewish community who was once a part of this city’s culture, you can still go to the jewish museum there and have a closer look on how was the jewish reacting in this period of time.

Since the sovient ruling era, Odessa made sure keeping it’s good reputation as a perfect weather for a summery vacation for all it’s tourists, Golden beaches with it’s crystal clear waters is the perfect combination for tourists who are searching for sunny beaches with a non ending hype till midnight with concerts and activities.

Locating Odessa as a center maritime city also reflected on a very important aspect for tourists which is shopping, Even if you are searching for a unique local souvenir all you have to do is take a ride which will lead you to the best open air market that will contain a very large collection of jewelry, leather goods, furniture and more unique items & if you are one of those people who would like flea markets and cheap priced goods you can head to Moldavanka’s street where you will find original nazi goods and statues that would cost as much money as the other markets.

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