Top 5 International Borders of India


Every one of us knows well about India-Pakistan border at Wagah, only a few know about other International borders of India. China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal are the Nations which surrounds India. For visiting a few borders, you need to carry ID proofs with you.

Airways are the best mode of transportation for travelling to another country. Most of the immigration formalities will take place in airports. It is a thrilling experience to cross the physical border. There are many cultural, heritage and traditional differences between the adjacent countries.

Here is the list of 5 International Borders of India:

  1. Wagah Border (India-Pakistan):

It is the most popular border visited by many guests and tourists. Wagah Border is located on the Grand Trunk Road between Lahore and Amritsar. This is a prehistoric road which connects Central Asia with South Asia. There will be a ‘lowering of the flag’ ceremony conducted will Pakistani Rangers and Indian Border Security Force by executing a blustering parade.

You can hear the loud cries of Indian and Pakistani slogans from both sides. There will be more tension here in case of cross-border firing or terrorist attack. You can reach here by hiring a private vehicle or taxi from Amritsar, which is just a few kilometres away from this place.

  1. Indo-Nepal Border (Dhangadi):

The Indo-Nepal border is considered as the longest border which runs along with Indian states like West Bengal, Bihar, Uttarakhand and UP. It was established in 1816. There are few border crossing point here. There will no need for any Visa for Indian Citizens to enter into Nepal. You can just show any ID and walk across.

You can witness the people in busy streets with day to day life. The indo-Nepal border is also called as Sunauli Border. Along the Indo-Gangetic plains and Himalayan territories, it is extended to about 1,758 kilometres. Before planning your trip must check out the Palace on Wheels itinerary.

  1. Nathu La Pass (India-China):

India-China is elevated at a height of 4,310 m. It is also named as Nathu La pass which is the best route for trade between India and Tibet. You can enjoy the scenic view by visiting this place. The temperatures will be as low as -25 degrees celsius during the winter season.

It is located on the Old Silk Route. Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir, Mera Bharat Mahan Hill, Staircase to Indo-Chinese border, Tsomgo Lake, Mandakini Waterfalls are some of the best places to visit here. The nearest airport to reach Nathu La Pass is Bagdogra Airport, which is just 178 km away.

  1. Rann of Kutch (India-Pakistan):

It is also called Rann of Kutch, which is located in Kutch district. This is the perfect spot to visit during the Republic day. This place will connect India and Pakistan, well known for its beauty.’ Rann’ means “salt” in Hindi. It is one of the largest salt marshes in the world.

Rann Utsav is the best time to visit this place, which will be held in between November to February. This festival is awesome during the full moon. It focuses the art, Music and folk dance. You need to carry your ID to pass through this place. Bhuj is the nearest domestic airport to reach this place.

  1. Dhanushkodi (India-Sri Lanka):

Dhanushkodi is the only land border between India and Sri Lanka. It is located in the tip of Pamban Island and is separated from the mainland by the Palk Strait. A cyclone hit the town Dhanushkodi in 1964, it is still reminded as an unpopulated town.

Pamban Island, Dhanushkodi Beach, Gulf of Mannar National Park, Adam’s Bridge are some of the best places to visit here. It is a significant place where Ram Setu was built in Ramayanam. It is just 20 kilometres away from Rameshwaram.

If you want to explore India, than check out the Palace on Wheels route which shows all the destinations.

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