Booking food by Indian railways- A complete guide


Travelling by Indian railways is a preferred mode of transportation for millions of people. Nearly 70% of the Indian population travel by this means of transport. In case if you are a frequent traveller you can order fresh and hygienic food without having to worry too much about the quality of food. In order to obtain delivery of food in trains or even place an order for food there are various options to consider.

Placing an order via pantry car

At the first instance a passenger can place an order from the pantry car from the train itself. By doing so, they can enjoy the various types of food. Even through the official website of IRCTC you can place an order. To place an order while travelling you need to follow the below steps

  • You have to visit the official site of IRCTC
  • Then you need to zero in your 10 digit PNR number
  • Then the passenger has to choose the station. The name of the stations will be displayed on the drop down menu
  • By doing so a new page will appear where the vendor menu will be displayed and that might include the prices
  • From the page a passenger can choose a vendor along with the food item
  • Then the passenger has to select the mode of payment
  • Once you pay securely through the payment modes the order stands to be confirmed.

Once you have placed an order the food will be delivered on to your seat at the preferred location. The moment a transaction is done both the service provider and even the passenger is expected to receive an email and a SMS specifying all the details of the order.

In this regard an OTP will be send across to the passenger that is going to be used by the service provider at the time of delivering the food to a provider. A couple of additional SMS and email would be sent to the user.

  • The passenger is expected to receive the second email or SMS a couple of hours before scheduled delivery at the station
  • The passenger is going to receive the first email or SMS 24 hours before the scheduled placing of an order

Apart from this there are some other options of placing an order

Placing of an order via a phone call

A passenger has to call on the number 1323 in order to place an order for food. The food will be delivered on to your seat at the preferred location. But in order to complete the order it would take around 60 minutes.

Placing of an order via a SMS

The passenger can also order food while travelling by Indian railways by sending out a message to the number 139. The station that you specify food will be delivered on to your seat.

Even you can go on to cancel the order but it has to be done 2 hour before the scheduled implementation of the order. The refund process tends to vary.

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