Best Travel Insurance For Your Pre-Existing Needs


Every travel insurance in India aims to cover unforeseen expenses occurring from injury or illness and theft or loss of possessions while you are on vacation. For patients with pre-existing medical conditions, the coverage works precisely in the same as general insurance with only one exception. This type of policy also covers the cost for any pre-existing medical conditions that you have been suffering.

If you are one of those patients suffering from a pre-existing medical condition, you will be aware of the difficulty in finding the appropriate travel insurance policy at affordable premiums.

Fortunately, companies like Bajaj Finserv offer Travel Insurance policies having medical reimbursement facilities.

Understanding travel insurance for an existing medical condition

Medical claims, along with emergencies, both domestic and abroad are the biggest concerns for all insurance companies. This is the reason the best travel insurance companies offer a lump sum amount to cover situations like emergency repatriation, hospital treatment and other expenses associated with medical emergencies.

This is why patients holding greater risks of claiming might have to pay considerably higher insurance premiums. Whether the policyholder is suffering from life-threatening diseases like cancer, he/she must disclose the same before he/she buys travel insurance policies.

This disclosure also extends to those policyholders who have already recovered from a medical condition. For instance, if a policyholder has been completely cured of cancer, he/she might still have to pay higher premiums. Alternatively, you can also avail health insurance as per your requirements with affordable premiums.

However, both overseas and domestic travel insurance policies for people with pre-existing medical conditions hold an advantage over other policies. This is because if you fall ill due to a medical condition while travelling, your health care expenses will be covered by the insurance policy.  This provides you with peace of mind even under the worst of conditions.

Medical screening and the risks involved

When looking for the best travel insurance plan which covers pre-existing medical conditions – you will have to confront several in-depth questions. You are also required to furnish details of the disease and the documents proving it. Pre-existing conditions can be both physical and psychological like anxiety or depression.

While this seems like a daunting process, reputed insurers strive to make their travel insurance India policy a hassle-free process for customers. They provide insurance plans that cater specifically to your requirements and by determining the risk factors.        

Therefore, keep in mind that failure in declaring a medical condition can result in the insurer rejecting your claim, and you have to cover your medical expenses yourself. It might seem tempting to withhold certain information to obtain cheaper premiums. However, in the event of a claim, an insurance company can access all your medical records. Therefore, availing an insurance policy, even with the most minor medical conditions must be informed to your insurer to make sure you are covered fully.

Things to know before availing an insurance cover

Based on the relevancy of your conditions and the documents furnished, there can be various potential outcomes like –

  1. You will be offered travel insurance in India depending on the severity and type of pre-existing medical conditions.
  2. Exclusion of medical coverage for specific pre-existing conditions.
  3. A policyholder might be offered insurance but with high premiums.
  4. Refuse your application (worst case scenario).
  5. Impose some restrictions and special terms or issue higher payments.

Depending on the destination you are travelling – it can also have an impact on your travel insurance policy. For instance, countries like Denmark, Canada and Austria have some of the most costly medical care. This can determine whether a travel insurance plan will be provided to an applicant or not. It is also recommended to compare between various insurers and select one that caters to your needs perfectly.

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