Tailored Honeymoons in Bali


People from all around the globe leave their homes for several days and nights to visit Bali. Yes, it might be small, but it is a well-renowned island. Bali is famous for its exemplary features and diverse cultures. Some of these features include sandy-beaches, volcanoes, rice puddles, waterfalls, limestone ocean cliffs and to top it all, the numerous and beautiful Balinese temples.

Also, there are stunning luxury villas, five-star hotels, and resorts all over Bali. Therefore accommodation is not a problem when you visit. Any traveler visiting Bali is guaranteed to find what he is looking for. This is the primary reason why couples all around the world prefer to visit Bali for their honeymoon. However, honeymoons are not only meant for newlyweds, but it is also suitable for couples who have just renewed their vows and couples in love.

However, besides there being a variety of things to do in Bali, there are also a lot of regions that are very different from each other. Therefore if you want to experience the island better, you have to stay in different areas of the island, in different types of accommodations while doing different and new things. Planning a vacation and more so a honeymoon can be a hassle and tiring, to avoid this, you can contact Seven Holiday experts who specialize in tailor-made honeymoons to Bali. It means that you have total control over your honeymoon package, which is developed according to your request and specifications. Your preferred package is crafted and made based on your inquiry.

For instance, you can decide to modify and make changes to an already existing honeymoon package. You can choose to add or reduce the number of days and nights you wish to stay on the island. Also, it is possible to enjoy your honeymoon in any specific hotel, villa, and resort of your liking, even if it is not listed in any of their packages. These honeymoon packages will ensure that you get the best that Bali has to offer thus making your honeymoon a memorable one.

You will also decide on the romantic activities you want.

During your honeymoon and visit to Bali, you will decide whether to stay in a bungalow, a luxury tent or a luxurious villa with exemplary views of the ocean, the sandy beaches and the island at large. Some of these luxurious villas have private swimming pools not to forget very qualified, trained and friendly staff workers ready to serve you. Since you are the one in control of your preferred honeymoon package, you will decide the location of the villa. Also, you can choose a villa with onsite recreational facilities such as bars, restaurant, and spas. You are also the one to decide if your honeymoon will take place on the sandy beaches of Bali, a remote island or the slopes of the volcano.

Most Bali honeymoon packages are characterized by:

  • A romantic photo session
  • A Balinese blessing ceremony
  • Champagne and wine
  • Romantic dinner
  • Romantic activities such as horse riding
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