Adventurous things that you can do in Corbett National Park


Are you planning a gripping visit to Jim Corbett National Park this holiday season? If yes, then you will be happy to enjoy the lush green and dense forests of Jim Corbett Park that is known to be the habitat of a wide range of wildlife. Some of the species of the wildlife have been already declared very rare by the government. Because of the huge inhabitants of the diversity of unusual species, the park makes it a perfect spot for several riveting activities. Besides, the rocky and adrenaline-charged setting of the park also cajoles the exploration junkies and the fun pursuers to satiate all their longings for adventure and exhilaration.

Here are some of the most famous activities and things to do while you stay in the Corbett park resorts:


If you are someone who loves to go for the group camping, then you should visit the Jim Corbett National Park this time. You will definitely enjoy being within the place which is watched over by charismatic hills, bejewelled by more than a few watercourses and fringed with lush vegetation, it is the only park in the entire nation state where you can do the overnight camping. Among all the activities you can delight in the interior parameters of the park, camping always makes sure you all-out experience to the unearthed splendour of the park.

In addition to this, it also allows you to stay on the brink of the backwoods of the forests and enjoy the most exciting activities. The park has a great deal of private as well as government owned camping provisions that offers exhilarating camping possibilities to the visitors.

Nature Photography

Do you really love doing photography or you have a passion to capture the beauty of Mother Nature? If yes, then you won’t feel short of views to capture as Corbett National Park surpasses most of the national parks in the entire country. An idyllic home to a captivating variety of flora and fauna, its bewitching exquisiteness demonstrates to be a true enchantment for the camera lovers. Be it nature or wildlife photography, the pastoral surroundings and the striking range of the park’s wildlife invites photographers from different parts of the world. During your stay in the Corbett park resorts this time, you can just plan to go out and capture the beauty of nature during the morning hours of the day. Usually, morning is the time when most of the species you will find in their natural habitat.

River Rafting

For the adrenaline explorers, the park also offers quite a few beguiling games and events; river rafting is unquestionably one of the exhilarating offers of the park. Set beside several sloshing streams, one can discover many different rafting spots nearby the park. Whether you are looking for the most challenging or easy rafting activities, you will find different cruising spots of all sorts of fast-moving water while staying in the park.

Mountain Biking

The rocky sceneries and surroundings of the park also fascinate a significant number of mountain bikers from different parts of the world. There are varying levels of areas where bikers can have more exciting time. In addition to the biking, you can even have the best time by sightseeing the beauty of the nature, do camping, and spot wildlife around that part of the park.

However, you need to bear the fact in mind that you should not try to plan for this particular activity during the rainy season as terrains inside the park tend to get washed away during this period of the year.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling

Be it rappelling or rock climbing, the park has a lot many things to offer to people who want to have more exciting time during their visit. As we already mentioned, the park has many places which are rocky, which is considered to be the best spot for such type of adventurous activities.


Last but not least, during your stay in the luxurious Corbett park resorts you can plan to go out for trekking to discover the natural beauty of the park. The best part about the trekking in the natural surroundings is that you will always have wonderful time.

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