Travelling Trends for 2019


Travelling is at the height of its popularity. Summers abroad, weekend getaways, and international sabbaticals are all becoming commonplace activities. Transport is taking us to more widespread places and allowing us to reach unexplored destinations, while the internet and our phones are making travel safer than before.

Conversations are instantly translated, last minute accommodation found, and tickets stored securely in the cloud. There are many old travelling trends being left behind, and new ones appearing to replace them. Here are the favorites for 2019.

Travelling Green

Flights are cheap, fast, and abundant. Low-cost fares no longer apply to nearby destinations but also to international ones. For the past few years, this has seen millions of people enjoy last minute holidays by simply hopping on a plane. However, this is changing.

With environmentally-conscientious minds and a longing to travel off the beaten path, many travelers are looking to find alternative methods of transport. Buses, boats, and trains are rising in popularity, which is great for the planet. However, it’s also great for the traveler, since these modes of transport are able to take you to quieter places, avoiding the bothersome crowds of tourists, leading to a much richer experience.

Fewer Photos

The days of uploading hundreds of photos from your holiday to Facebook are over. Many people are moving away from social media altogether, realizing that it’s often more stress than value. While not abstaining from taking photographs altogether, people are beginning to keep their phones in their pocket more and simply soak up the experience of travel. It is becoming more common to see travelers drawing and writing what they see, as a slower and enriching way of recording a city.

No More Hotels

Hotels are becoming less and less desirable. They are being replaced with apart hotels. An apart hotel takes the best bits of a hotel, such as the service, and mixes it with the comfort of an apartment home. They are an excellent way of living like a resident, allowing you to cook at home, host friends, and experience the designs of local living.

They are also cheaper than most alternatives. For longer stays, discounts are applied and, since you can eat at home, you can avoid expensive hotels. You can try an apart hotel here to see why more people are choosing them each year.

Learning the Culture

When packing for a new city or country, consider packing a book written by an author from that place. Before and during travels, it is popular for visitors to want to experience more than just the local beer. By finding local bands, authors, and artists, travelers are learning more about a city’s history and culture, while also finding new places to visit.

Search for gigs that may be performed during your stay, or local film festivals and events. Not only will you have a great experience but you will also better connect with locals, who may even point you in the direction of a fantastic recommendation.

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