3 things to consider before taking Maui helicopter tours


Taking a helicopter tour in Hawaii is a dream of many individuals. Islands like Maui can only be explored thoroughly if you fly by air. The land routes limit your access to certain areas whereas the air provides a pathway for numerous explorations. Considering the lavish beauty and scenery, there are many people who love to take Maui helicopter tours. However, you have to be careful about certain things as you take the flight. Here, we are going to discuss about 3 core considerations for your helicopter tour in Maui.

Safety comes first

There are thousands of visitors who come to Hawaii each year and look forward to exploring the islands. Tons of helicopter tours are offered by numerous companies and they look forward to exploring the surroundings in the best possible manner. With multiple flight routes and numerous locations on offer, you might get drowned in the array of options. Many individuals overlook their safety considerations and choose some flights that might be unsafe for them.

While the rate of accidents is very low and thousands of visitors enjoy a safe flight, you still need to be careful. There are only 5 reported incidents of accidents with the sightseeing helicopters but still they exist. So, before you board the helicopter, make sure that the helicopter complies to the standards of flying and is certified for operations.

Seating arrangement is important

Another thing that individuals are unaware of when considering the Maui helicopter tours is their seating arrangement. Generally, you have helicopters that have the ability to facilitate six passengers. Two of them can sit in the front whereas four passengers are facilitated in the back. Among the 4 sitting in the back, two would have seats to which one might refer to as the middle seats. These offer a slightly less direct view of the window.

The companies tend to use the A Star or Eco Star helicopters. While the A Star is a perfectly nice choice, the Eco Star is preferable because it is spacious and less noisy. Moreover, the latter provides more direct view and higher window space for each individual.

In case you manage to secure a 4 passenger option, which is pretty rare, there are only 4 seats with two in front and two in back. Therefore, each passenger has direct access to the window.

Booking the tour

Many people leave the tour for the end saying that the best has to be kept for the last. Well, you should not make this mistake. When you consider the helicopter tour, you get an overview of the island and its surroundings. You get a chance to glance at the scenic beauty of the place and explore it thoroughly.

Therefore, planning your tour in the first couple of days will be a better option. It gives you a chance to get to know the island from the top and then you can plan the rest of your days accordingly. The better orientation of the island provides you a chance to do better tour planning and exploration.

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