How do you secure a motorcycle in a moving truck?


Though riding a motorcycle to a new destination is preferred over transporting one, following some basics can make the task an easy one. These are important when you are left with no choices. Hiring the service of a reliable motorcycle transporting is all that you require. The company’s experience in the business shall ensure the safety and suitable transportation of motorcycle to your destination. Most of us want the service to be done in a quick time.

When hiring a reliable source, you have to check with the turnaround of the time offered. It is better to go through the customer review section or get in touch with its clients to know about this. This can help you better understand the level of professionalism to expect from the motorcycle transportation team. Let us take you through some of the vital factors to be followed for secure loading of motorcycles in moving trucks.

Importance of tie-downs attached

After your motorcycle has been strapped on the truck, you must want it to travel with complete security to its destination. It requires the use of suitable ties to be attached to different motorcycle parts, this helps to pull down the vehicle towards the truck or the vehicle on which it is transported.

There are two types of straps and these are ratchet and cam buckle. It creates the much-required friction with the strap through the help of spring load, helping the strap be in place irrespective of the vehicle’s random movement while transporting. Ensure that the company gives quality ratchet straps that tighten to the strap with great force without letting the motorcycle move an inch on a moving truck.

Position vehicle properly

Once the vehicle has been loaded on the truck, to keep it in line with the vehicle’s bed, it is recommended to position it carefully. However, the ease of tie-down the vehicle on the truck bed depends on your motorcycle model. If working with an experienced team, they must have the required knowledge to handle every motorcycle and tie it firmly on the vehicle.

It is better to have two ties on the front side and the other two on either side to distribute the strap tying on the motorcycle. For maximum security, tie four in the front portion with two at the back and let the service provider decide on the protection.

License and insurance

Try to get the service from an insured company as it has knowledge about the latest industry-standard techniques. It shall ensure the utmost safety security, with the promise to transport your vehicle in good condition to your destination. It is better to have a detailed discussion about the steps to be followed by the team before transportation.

Tips to follow for tie-down

  • When using straps, it is better to easily tie the left tie-down first in the front portion.
  • It should be done in such a way that it gets enough space to stretch firmly.
  • This should also be done with the tie-down on its right front.
  • Make sure to put the kickstand off the floor, placing the motorcycle in an upright direction.

How tie-down exceptions are to be followed for large motorcycles?

Worried about how large the motorcycle would be firmly attached with a tie-down? Well, an expert team has the solution irrespective of the size of a motorcycle. Some of the service providers prefer using a triple tree and tie the loop off. It is done to help two ratchet straps. The first strap pulls forward the chock and the second one pulls forward, out from the motorcycle. To secure the back portion of the motorcycle, it is better to use passenger footpegs, passenger hand grips and the like options. If the service providers are confident with the motorcycle’s attachment to the vehicle’s truck, you can trust them for your motorcycle’s security and safety.

List of exclusions

  • Do not use rear bag tools with attachment points to help pull the straps attached to the vehicle.
  • Do not tie down the end of handlebars. Some handlebars have rubber coating and it may compress resulting in slippage of tie-down.
  • Never opt for cheap quality straps. This will incur costly repairing charges of motorcycle that you wish to save on the money of buying quality straps.

The Final Words

To get the precautionary measures when transporting a motorcycle, make sure to hire a reliable source. Only a service provider who has been into the business for long will be able to have professional service. Check with the procedures of security vehicles before hiring it.

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