What to Pack for Your Nantucket Trip?


Did you visit Nantucket anytime before? If you haven’t, I am sure many of you are eagerly waiting to visit this island. The world class hotels and the beautiful beaches here attract thousands of tourists from various corners of the world every year. You can visit this place both during summer and winter season, but it would be better to visit during summer, if you want to enjoy the outdoor activities like boating, biking, surfing and etc with your family or friends. Don’t have any idea about what to pack for you trip? Have a quick look below to know what to pack for your trip.

A beach bag stands at top of the list when it comes to Nantucket trip. In fact, this is very much essential to stay comfortable packing all your things like snacks, water bottles, drinks and etc while visiting the beaches there. Most of the beach bags are generally light in weight. Hence, you need not worry about their weight at all now.

  • Water Shoes

Wearing water shoes is also extremely important if you want to enjoy the water activities at Nantucket.

  • Swimsuit

Carry a comfortable swimsuit as well with you to enjoy all the water activities happily with your friends or family there.

  • Waterproof Mobile Case

A water proof is a must when it comes to Nantucket vacation. Are you wondering why? The answer is very simple. It will give you a chance to carry your mobile with you while boating and etc. It safeguards your mobile from water damage.

  • Sweatshirt

You should also carry a sweatshirt as well to stay comfortable during your trip. A sweatshirt can keep you warm when the climate is too cold.

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