Top 5 Places to Visit in Bharatpur


Bharatpur is the popular tourist destination in Rajasthan. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary which is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site is the must-visit place in Bharatpur. Lohagarh Fort is another major attraction in Bharatpur. The fort also contains a museum which contains coins, sculptures and many inscriptions.

Bharatpur lies in the golden triangle and is at a distance of 178 km from Jaipur. It is also called as “Lohagarh” or “Eastern Gateway of Rajasthan”. There are many attractions to see in Bharatpur. If you are looking for a distinctive aspect of Rajasthan, make sure to add Bharatpur in your list.

Here is the list of top 5 places to visit in Bharatpur:

  1. Lohagarh Fort:

Lohagarh fort is located in Rajasthan and is also well known as “Iron Fort”. The strong outside its atmosphere is famous for its historical legends and is a must-visit in Bharatpur. It also houses several notable architectural structures in which you will leave in awe. The fort is also the best destination to capture breathtaking panoramas of the city. There are many monuments which are built as a symbol of victory. There are many interesting things in the museum.

  1. Keoladeo National Park:

This national park is also called as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and there are different species of birds here. They can be seen especially during the winter season. This man-made wetland was declared a sanctuary in 1971 and is one of the most popular national parks visited packages with Rajasthan Wildlife Tour which you can explore through the Palace on Wheels luxury train. The national park is home to several species of birds, lizards, snakes, turtles and fishes. It consists of around 366 species of birds, 13 species of snakes, 7 species of turtles and 5 species of lizards. Monsoon is the best time to visit this place because there will be lush greenery all around the park.

  1. Lakshman Mandir:

This is the famous temple in Bharatpur which is dedicated to Lord Lakshmana, brother of Lord Rama. Along with the status of lord Lakshmana and Rama, there will also be other idols of Lord Hanuma and Urmila, who is the wife of Lord Lakshmana. The god idols are made of a combination of 8 different metals which are known as’ Ashtadhatu’. If you are an art lover, then this temple is a must-visit such, adorn walls decorated detailing done in the door, majestic arches and beautiful idols of Laxmi Mandir awaits your presence and admiration.

  1. Bankey Bihari Temple:

Bankey Bihari Temple is one of the most prominent places one must visit in Lohargarh Fort. This is the famous religious structure built by Mughals and is one of the famous temples in Bharatpur. Make sure add this in your list while visiting Bharatpur. The temple is dedicated to the deity Krishna and is famous for its religious significance. The piles around and serenity of the temple when filled with dreams of gongs, everything seems to be gone. This temple will be more crowded during Krishnastami.

  1. Government Museum:

Government Museum of Bharatpur is the prominent attractions of the city and it consists of a collection of coins, stone sculptures, inscriptions, weapons and many more metallic items. It is located inside the Lohargarh fort and built in the year 1944 A.D. The main attraction of this museum is an art in Peepal leaves, mica and even on long bending paper well preserved and appreciated in the museum and put the screen as well.

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