Top 5 Museum in Delhi


Delhi is the home of best collection of galleries and museums. Boasting of Dazzling treasures and reflecting India’s rich cultural heritage, museums in Delhi is a must visit for those who are interested in learning about India’s history.

  1. National Museum

National Museum is situated in New Delhi and it was established in 1949.  This museum is the largest Museum in India. this museum has been prepared by the Government of India. This museum has 3 floors. First floor connected with the affairs of India and second floor relates to the International field and third floor relates to the achievements of Indian states. This museum has old manuscripts, temple hangings, weapons with precious stones and painted poetry and  this museum has a record of 200000 work of art.  Entry fees of this museum are Rs20 for Indians and Rs650 for foreigners and timings are 10 AM to 6PM (Monday closed).

  1. National Handicrafts and Handlooms

This Museum is one of the largest craft museum of Delhi. It is one of Textiles and it has 35000 pieces of crafts like paintings, textiles and clay  architect known as Charles Correa. Entry fees  of this museum are 1Rs for Indian students , Rs 10 for Indians and Rs 150 for foreigners and  the timings are 10 AM to 5 PM(Monday closed).

  1. National Rail Museum

 National Rail Museum is situated at Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. This museum is inaugurated on 1st  February1977 by Kalapati Tripathi and spread over 10 acres. This Museum is a tribute to the Railway Heritage of India. This Museum has a wide collection of exhibit like historical pictures, Railway artifacts that are displayed in the museum. The most amazing feature of this museum that attracts the children and the train buffs is the toy train that provides a joyful ride and sometimes the old steam monorail is also run across the grounds of the Museum. It is a must visit Museum especially for students . This museum is open everyday of  the week except Monday and the timings are 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM. Entry Fees of this Museum are Rs 20 and Rs 20 for a Toy train ride.

  1. Air Force Museum

This Museum is situated at Palam Air Force Station , New Delhi. The entrance features an indoor display the Historic Photographs, Uniforms and Personal Weapons and outdoor gallery display  several war trophies, Radar equipment and captured enemy vehicles and the collection of  aeroplanes  and armoury depicts the history of the Indian  Air Force and has a great collection of aeroplanes on display this feature attracts the tourists. This Museum is open every day of the week except Monday and Tuesday and the timings are 10 Am to 5Pm. This Museum has no entry fees.

  1. Indra Gandhi Memorial Museum

This museum is located on Safdarjung  Road of Delhi.  This museum is a tribute to Indra Gandhi.  This museum is one of the most famous museums of Delhi. It is a residence of the Prime Minister of India. It was later converted into a Museum. The museum exhibit the simple  lifestyle of  Late Mrs. Indra Gandhi,  with expensive and antique furniture and art deco. The Indra Gandhi Memorial Museum also showcases the personal things of Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi which displays the almost burnt shoes and clothes of  Rajiv Gandhi. Outside of the museum, was surrounded by a beautiful green garden where she was assassinated and you can hear the speeches delivered by Indra Gandhi during her lifetime as the Prime Minister of India through hidden microphones fixed behind the bushes.  This museum is open everyday of the week except Monday  and the best time to visit in this museum is  10.30Am to 4.45Pm. This museum has no entry fee.

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