Things To Do in Sydney with Kids Before They Grow Up


With so many attractions in Sydney, adventure activities, children’s activities and entertainment venues, the number of “things to do in Sydney with kids” is truly endless. Full of lots of fun and incredibly child-friendly places, Sydney is a city that makes a holiday with kids a really pleasant and memorable city! Below are the things to do in Sydney with kids before they grow up.

 Visit the Sydney Aquarium

The Sydney Aquarium is essential for anyone travelling with kids in Sydney. It is a world full of fascinating aquatic life, with over 12,000 aquatic animals of 650 species on display at spectacular habitat fairs. If you travel with children, you can enjoy underwater tunnels next to sharks, big fish and colourful fish for your children. Other attractions include the amazing Great Barrier Reef, the impressive Seal Sanctuary and deadly sharks off the ocean. Families fly from Hyderabad to Sydney to enjoy nature at Sydney Aquarium.

Taronga Zoo

If you fly to Sydney, you can introduce your children to animals from around the world at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney. Here you can see the grace of exotic wildlife such as platoon, gorilla, giraffe, snow leopard, echidna, elephant kangaroo and wallaby. Enjoy the famous free-flying bird market with panoramic views of the harbour or climb the Sky Safari cable car at higher altitudes!

Sydney Wildlife World

Family vacations often book flights to Sydney to step into the scene of adventurous adventures. Wildlife is an opportunity to explore Australia’s iconic habitats and meet some of the most beloved, feared and unique animals. Rex, the huge crocodile on Kakadu Street, can walk among kangaroos and emus agents inside, meet hairy koalas in the Gum Valley and more!

Oceanworld Manly

Over the years, Oceanworld Manly has become the first lottery for those travelling to Sydney. Oceanworld contains large sharks, large stars, turtles and thousands of marine life. Underwater observation tunnels are a memorable journey to explore the wonders of the deep underwater world. Kids can have fun with an amazing liveaboard safari! Families should also remember to see the most venomous snakes and spiders in the world. Oceanworld is sure to do its best to impress anyone who has flown to Sydney.

Powerhouse Museum

The Powerhouse Museum is one of the largest and most diverse museums in Australia. The Powerhouse Museum, a treasure trove of decorative arts and design, science, technology, space travel, transportation and social history, offers visitors a challenging thinking experience. The museum has everything kids can enjoy for hours, from the interactive and fun play area from Zoe’s House to the Magic Garden, from the Cogs Playground to the state-of-the-art air.

Walk along the harbour bridge

Enjoy spectacular views as you cross the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Children love to see boats and ships in the harbour, as well as trains crossing the bridge. Depending on the age of the children and how many times you stop to admire the landscape, the walk takes about 30-60 minutes.

Sydney Eye Tower

This hotel is located right in the centre of Sydney, and your children should see it on a clear day. The building is approximately 309 meters high and offers a 360-degree view of Sydney. In addition to the deck, you will find restaurants and cafes to relax and enjoy the scenery for a while – the Western Blue Mountains, South Sydney Airport, Sydney Port Bridge, Sydney Opera House and if you are lucky you can see your home. If your children are over 10 and feel adventurous, book a Skywalk and drive 268 meters above Sydney. An experience you will never forget.

Enjoy the nature at Darling Quarter Playground

One of the most beautiful playgrounds in Sydney with great slides, water games, rope climbing, swings, slides, flying foxes and more. It is suitable for children and teenagers and the best part is that everything is free. Go to the playground as soon as possible, especially on weekends and school holidays.

Parsley Bay

Parsley Bay Reservation is located on the eastern outskirts of Sydney, Vaucluse. This is an ideal family park with a children’s playground, an enclosed swimming area and picnic facilities. There are plenty of children’s lawns to play balls, fly kites or explore the bush. The beach is wavy and completely flat so that children can splash in the water. Since many people do not know about this beach and warehouse, it does not become too crowded even in the summer months. The beach has a small car park and a toilet and many large trees provide shade on hot summer days. Address: Jafari Road, Jafari Bay

Shark beach and Nielsen park

Shark Beach and Nielsen Park are part of Sydney Harbor National Park and are located in the Sydney suburb of Vaucluse. This beach is popular with families with small children as it has a shark net and calm waters. There you will also find a café / kiosk serving hot food, coffee and ice cream. There are toilets, picnic tables and barbecues in the area, as well as drinking water and many large trees. Enjoy stunning city views while children play on the beach or in the park. However, you should arrive earlier as parking is limited. Address: Greycliff Boulevard, Vaucluse

 Have lunch at Carss Bush Park

Carss Bush Park It is an ideal family park with a large playground, lots of indoor picnic tables, an indoor beach, a toilet and a barbecue area and a wonderful cafe/restaurant, which serves not only hot food but also drinks. and coffee. The playground is suitable for children and adults and a children’s swing is installed on wheelchairs. Interestingly, the beach has brown sand above and almost black sand below and is great for building great sandcastles. This park can be quite windy, so bring a jacket, especially in the colder months. Free parking is available in the car park across the road. Address: Caravan street, Horst block

As you can see,there are many Things To Do in Sydney with Kids Before They Grow Up, depending on the weather. With a little planning in advance, you can have a thrilling adventure and create amazing memories with your kids in Sydney.

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