The six best places that you must visit in Scotland


Scotland is always portrayed in movies as the home of the brave Scottish warriors known as the Highlanders, men wearing skirts carrying bagpipes playing different melodies, it is also the home of medieval castles both charming and haunted, and of course the mysterious Loch Ness and the majestic natural scenery that will surely take your breath away.

This unique country can offer you a lot when it comes to visiting there because it has countless tourist destinations that will surely not going to be visited in just a few day visits because it simply offers you countless destinations from its iconic medieval castles, huge museums, fabulous gardens, and other natural attractions. To give you the best places that you must visit in Scotland, check out a detailed list below courtesy of the best company for Scotland, England and Ireland golf tours.

  1. The National Museum of Scotland– Located on Edinburgh’s famous Edinburgh Street, it keeps a lot of Scotland’s precious historical treasure troves since the ancient times. It is a very known tourist attraction outside England’s London because it offers everyone year-round temporary exhibition programs that are surely enjoyable and very educational experience.
  2. Edinburgh Castle– Known as an icon in Scotland. This humongous castle is towering the skyline’s capital for many centuries already and has seen countless generations, wars, and monarchies passing by. It is very unusual that this is built on top of an extinct volcano, however, this is the most visited attraction in Scotland.
  3. Riverside Museum– This museum which only opened in 2011, is built on the side of the River Clyde and it is the home of the famous Glasgow Museum of Transport where you can get to see rare and very fascinating vintage vehicles and machinery that will surely tell you a lot of Scotland’s story in the past.
  4. Saint Giles’ Cathedral– This centuries-old cathedral is located in the middle of the historic Royal Mile; this cathedral is known for its framed crown spire that is one of the best-recognized features that can easily be seen of Edinburgh’s skyline.
  5. Royal Botanic Garden– Located still in Edinburgh, this 72-acre garden considered as one of the most beautiful in the world, the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh is founded way back in 1670 and since has been the refuge for the Scots for peace and tranquility as it is situated just a few meters away from the bustling capital city of Scotland.
  6. National War Museum– Located within the safe walls of the famous and very historic Edinburgh Castle, the National War Museum is the home of different exhibits and artifacts that will take you back in the bloody history of Scotland where its forefathers fought for freedom and equality which paved the way for its identity and reputation.
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