Planning a Trip from Delhi to Mumbai? Here’s What You Should Know


Delhi and Mumbai are probably the most popular cities in India, both for residing in and traveling to for business and leisure. While Delhi is the political capital of the country, Mumbai is the financial hub. Delhi can be all about high-power or enthusiastic hospitality. Mumbai, on the other hand, leads a more cosmopolitan and fast-paced life so typical of metropolitans.

If you are a Delhiite looking to escape the harsh winters or the scorching summer sun, Mumbai is an ideal choice. There are Delhi to Mumbai flights several times during the day, which seems like traveling between two totally different worlds. So, if you are visiting the capital of Maharashtra for the first time, here are a few things to expect from the City of Dreams.

Mumbai Traffic

The traffic situation in Mumbai might initially make you feel at home, but eventually you will realize how time-consuming road travel can be. There are no fixed peak hours and most of the roads are narrow, so you can expect traffic jams throughout the day. When there are heavy rains, the situation can get even worse. The saving grace is that most people adhere to traffic rules.

Since the time you spend on the road can be unpredictable, ensure you have ample free time when traveling. Tourists must keep this in mind particularly when traveling to the airport to board flights from Mumbai to Delhi.

No Selfie Zones
As surprising as it sounds, 19 of 49 selfie deaths in the world has been reported from Mumbai! There are 16 areas in the city so dangerous for photos that they have been declared as “no selfie zones.” If you ignore the warning signs, you might end up paying heavy fines. Be aware of the rules to avoid getting penalized.

Local Trains

These are the fastest way to get around Mumbai. The network is divided into three sections – Harbor, Central and Western. Local trains are something that Delhiites might miss, but Mumbai thrives on them. Around 2.6 billion people travel via Mumbai locals each year. If your flight between Delhi to Mumbai lands late, you can hop on to a train to reach your destination quickly.

Street Food

Delhi believes it is the king of street food, but Mumbai is no less. From snacks to wholesome meals, you have an array of pocket-friendly dishes to choose from. You must try their vada pav, bhelpuri, pav bhaji, sev puri, dosa and pani puri. If you’ve taken one of the early Delhi to Mumbai flights, stop by at a local shop for a delicious breakfast.


The coastal city has pleasant weather throughout the year. People often take Delhi to Mumbai flights just to enjoy the weather. However, it could be a tad too humid for Delhiites. Carry suitable clothing, like those made of cotton or linen. You could also try sweat-wicking clothing, which has become popular among those frequenting the gym.

What fascinates most Delhiites are the sights of the ocean and the nightlife in Mumbai. In all, the experience is sure to be memorable.

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