How Can I Be a Sustainable Traveler?


If you are tired of the social, economic and environmental problems rising due to tourism then you must be looking out of different ways of implementing responsible tourism. Travelling is no doubt an amazing thing and one should not stop doing it. There are simple ways that you can adopt to be a sustainable traveller that will help nature in so many ways.

To protect the environment from tourism there are three foundations we need to follow which are:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

Why these 3 foundations? Do you know the biggest loss we are causing is to the cultural and heritage sites? The historic buildings that hold a lot of importance or what about the endangered species? The questions do not stop here as there are millions of problems around us and we all need to be a sustainable traveller today.  

Here are 5 things that you can do to become a responsible tourist.

  • Avoid planes:

Do you know that the aviation industry is causing 2.5% emission of carbon in the air? What you can do is that travel on trains to avoid such pollution that is causing the penetration of harmful sun rays through the ozone layer. 

  • Give in the right ways:

Many foreign tourists when comes to villages and small areas they usually bring gifts like chocolates, colours and many other things. This thing has led to the concept of begging more in our society. Now people are relying more on aid and giving rather than working themselves. If you really want to give these things to people then give in the right way by researching places that really need those things. Your respect, smile, and behaviour can be the gift to the local people. 

  • Say no to plastic:

Plastic is the biggest reason because of which many tourist spots are now turned to garbage. And yes, literally these places were a great sport and people used to come from around the world but what have we done. We spoiled those beautiful places without realizing what it will do to nature. There is so much plastic now found on land and water that it has become a threat to the living. 

  • Choose your travel agent wisely:

Don’t rush into things. Always research before choosing your tour operator. There are now many travel agents who customize your travel vacations now as their motto is to save the environment. They ensure that your trip is sustainable. 

  • Stop buying wildlife products:

This is the biggest reason for endangered species. We have taken the fashion sense into the wrong way by killing those animals and wearing their skin. Do you think killing them and wearing their skin means fashion? No, it doesn’t as we humans are the cause of endangered species. Pandas that are beautiful and cute are now the top ones in endangered species. We have to do everything to protect them now. 

Follow these 5 so you can become a sustainable traveller and play your role in a peaceful world and tourism.

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