Five tips you can use in determining a good and bad restaurant.


There are a lot of crucial aspects that makes a restaurant good or bad, it could be its food, its ambiance, or its cleanliness and the service its crew provides to the diners and finding a good restaurant is easier it sounds than doing it because there is a myriad number of restaurants in your area for sure and finding the best one is a daunting task.

Restaurants are a great place to relax, eat good food, have a good conversation with people that are special to you. It should not be a place that you are tormented and stripped of your rights to have a good time.

To help you out in your next food adventure, here are some handy tips to determine if that restaurant is good or bad courtesy of one of the best restaurants in Australia, the

  1. Clean bathroom- To judge a restaurant that is well-managed by the people behind it is its bathroom. Regardless of how great the food served in that restaurant, if its bathroom is utterly dirty as well as its entire kitchen, then you should take a step back and look for another because you cannot compromise your health over taste.
  2. Courteous and hospitable waiter and waitress- Regardless of how nice the ambiance of the restaurant is or no matter how good is the food there, if the waiter and waitress that serves you is not polite and utterly rude, then you should use your rights to write a bad review and ask for the manager to talk to. The restaurant is part of the hospitality industry which means that the people working under this industry should be taught about hospitality, courteousness, and politeness which will surely create an impact on the customer.
  3. Seasonal food items at the menu- If you would notice some food items that are on the food menu and it is not the season for it, then you should take a step back because there is a huge probability that these ingredients are stored in freezers which is not fresh anymore. Make sure that the restaurant menu serves food items that are available year-round and food items that are available only during its season.
  4. Accommodating crew- One of the best ways for a customer to experience dining in a restaurant is that the crew’s hospitality and how the crew treats you. It is not just about how you treat your customers, but how the restaurant accommodates their request by altering the ingredients in the menu for health reasons especially if one of the ingredients of the food item ordered by the customer has something that he or she is allergic into.
  5. Serves all the food at once- Unless you go to a fine dining restaurant where the food is served piece by piece according to the menu, a good restaurant should serve all the food that is ordered at once so that you can continue eating all the way.

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