Everything You Wanted to Know About Family Immigration Visa


The Permanent resident status imparts liberty to the family members to reside as well as to work in the United States of America perpetually. An immigrant visa and green card are the same thing and works in a similar manner. Both of the cards help a person to get a permanent citizenship status.

US family immigrant visas

An important first step for legally immigrating to United States for America is to get family immigration as it known to be the initial step. The family immigration United States visas helps those people who are willing to get together with their respective family living far from them in America.

To get the family immigration visa the involvement of family member is mandatory. One should be the petitioner, who files the petition for the family member’s immigration and the second is the recipient, who will be given or want the family immigration US visa.

The petitioner, who is supporting an immigrant family member to US, needs to be the citizen or permanent inhabitant of United States of America within the law.

There are two prime classifications of family immigration United States visas.

Two major categories of US family immigrant visas

First one is US Immediate Relative category which is reserved for the spouse, unmarried children and parents of U.S. citizens. This type of immigrant US visa is prioritized over other visas. The immigrants receive the US immigrant visa immediately.

Second category is Family Preference Categories which is for all other eligible family members (who do not qualify in the immediate category) of the permanent U.S. citizen or the lawful resident. The US family preference immigrant visas takes time because the number of these categories visas is limited.

What are the benefits of family-based immigration?

The family and the relatives are of very significant importance for the new citizen of United States. Supporting their families by giving them a lifestyle and better education is important to citizens.

The family immigration US visas have positive impacts on the business development as well as community improvement. The family members receives high rate of self employment and high earning growth as they tend to climb up the socio- economic ladder in a new country.

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