End-to-End Pampering: Understanding the Motivation for Luxury Cruises


No matter what’s happening onshore, the world of cruise ship holidays always provides a chance to get away from it all for a little smooth sailing. But as anyone who’s been on a cruise or two knows, not all cruise ships were created equal, and luxury cruising is a class above the rest. In may cost more, but for those who can afford the price tag, the benefits represent a very good value indeed. But what exactly should you expect from a luxury cruise?

1. Pre- and Post-Cruise Care

Whether you’re embarking from Portsmouth or Naples, taking the Venice or the Galapagos cruises, luxury cruises will ensure you are collected and returned to your home or hotel in style. Most packages include private transfers by car, taxi or minibus, ensuring the traveller has complete peace of mind.

2. Luxury Accommodation

Some luxury cruises take place on a shared vessel, but smaller ships are being increasingly turned over to the luxury model. On shared vessels, luxury accommodation means staterooms, outside cabins and all the little details you’ve come to expect from a five-star hotel room. On luxury vessels, expect larger rooms and individual details such as binoculars and route maps.

5. Fine Dining and Silver Service

For many travellers taking long-duration budget cruises, the prevalence of buffet dining can start to become a little tedious. Even a budget cruise is costly, so why is table service not included? These are the perfect luxury cruise candidates. Because you’re right: a holiday is about relaxing and indulging.

8. Shore Excursions

Luxury cruises are also about more than just the ship. While cruising is the main event, visiting new and interesting places is the reason we step aboard. In ensuring your on-shore excursions are tailored to your specific interests, luxury providers go the extra mile. For example, take a look at Galapagos cruises through Steppes Travel to get an idea of where the bar is set.

10. Getting to Know New People

Cruising is also a great way to meet new people while having the time to get to know them properly. With luxury cruising, access to exclusive ship areas and social events allow shipmates to make new acquaintances with similar interests and from comparable social circles.

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