Dream Destination desire fulfilled with Urumqi Tour


The Urumqi Tour is filled with a whole host of scenic attractions.  Urumqi is the capital of Uyghur Autonomous Region and it is quite an inland city across the globe.  This place has an important role when it comes to the ancient silk road.  It has a very big museum and in the Xinjiang Tour, you could see a whole host of scenic beauties.  The museum boasts of mummies that are taken good care of.

Make the best of your Urumqi Tours – Worth every penny

When you approach the tour operator, get to understand what all the tour envisages and accordingly take your pick with regards to the destinations you would intend visiting.  The ethnic groups include the Han which is a major ethnic group of China. The Hui or the Han people are Muslims and the Uyghur are the Turkish ethnic groups. The Turkic, Kazakhs and Kyrgyz are the other groups. Most of the people speak Mandarin Chinese and when venturing out for any trip, make sure that you have written down the destination name so that it could be easier for you to make the trip.

Great scenery and picturesque places

If you wish to travel and have a stress free private trip, then check out with the tour operator and accordingly make your bookings. You can meet up with the guide in the morning at the Urumqi hotel and travel towards the countryside in the comfort zone of your vehicle. With close to three hours of travel, you will come across some lovely picturesque sceneries and caves.  The Xinjiang tour has popular places and extraordinary scenery that will titillate your nerves and make you feel as if in heaven.  There you could explore the Bezeklik thousand Buddha caves and also enjoy the tallest minaret.  Enjoy a traditional Chinese lunch when you are travelling so you get to know the taste buds of the Chinese.

The UNESCO world famous Xinjiang Tianshan mountains has achieved World Heritage status and you could hire a private vehicle and also check out for Best Urumqi Tours and check out the best places worth visiting.

Safe and Secure travel

Urumqi is definitely a safe place to travel and foreigners need not get overwhelmed with the fact that they would be aimed at.  There is no restriction whatsoever when it comes to travelling to Tashkorgan, Karakul lake and Kashgar.  Go ahead and visit the silk road highway which is one of the main attractions when you are going for the Urumqi tours.  It is home to as many as fifty minority ethnic groups and this wonderful prairie city is one of the important stops on your travel destination.

The months of May to October are the golden months to travel, thanks to the wonderful flowers that are in full bloom and if you are looking out for some great fruits on your palette, then you have melons and grapes orchards.  It is advised that travelers venture out during the noons wherein the temperature is quite moderate and manageable and you could enjoy maximum fun.


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