Cheap Vacation Options for College Students on Spring Break


College may be fun, but by the time the weather starts warming up and spring break approaches, every coed is dying to get away. Unfortunately, vacationing tends to be pretty expensive, and most college students aren’t very wealthy. Unless your parents have the will and the means to keep you running on a heavy and steady stream of cash, you’re going to have to get creative. Luckily, there are all kinds of amazing options for those who find creative ways to have fun on a small budget. Here are some cheap vacation options for college students on spring break.

Road Trip

There are few pastimes more memorable than an epic roadtrip. If you or one of your friends has a car, then you can go almost anywhere. You just want to make sure that you can afford the gas and can find a cheap place to stay. The more friends that you invite on this trip, the more affordable it will be. Just make sure that you have enough seatbelts for everybody and make sure that you also have enough room for everybody’s luggage.


Another great way to spend your spring break is to get out into nature and enjoy a week of camping. There’s nothing like the great outdoors when you’ve been cooped up in a dormitory all semester breathing in recycled air from the AC. Even if you don’t already have any camping gear, you can easily find a cheap tent and sleeping bag – or you can see if any of your friends has some gear that you can borrow.

Family House

If you or any of your friends has a property that belongs to the family, but is only used for vacation, then you can have a little getaway over there. You just want to make sure that you reserve the house well in advance so that your parents (or whoever owns it) don’t rent it out to somebody else that week. This can make for a great opportunity to bond with friends and share great stories and memories from your youth. It’s also a great way to make new memories.

National Park

There is no greater treasure in America than our national parks. Few people know just how mind blowing and majestic these places really are, but if there is one near your college, you can definitely find out for yourself during your spring break. There are usually a few different options for lodging in state or national parks. You can stay in a cheap motel, a cabin, or you can set up your own camp. If you’ve been spending the past couple of years focusing on USC’s library science degree, this trip will be a huge breath of fresh air.


As lame as a staycation may sound at first, it can actually be quite nice. For one, it definitely is the cheapest vacation you can get, which means that you will have a little bit more money to spend at home. You can do a little bit of shopping, eat at an expensive restaurant, or you can even throw a great party with all the rest of your friends who decided to stay in.

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