Cambodia, just a bike ride away


Have you ever been to Cambodia, if you haven’t you should put it on your list. There is so much to see. Not to mention the beauty of the country, but the culture and the people are amazing. You will always see people smiling, they are genuine, so interact, and make new acquaintances. It also has some natural wonders that you must see, there is so much to see and do. So don’t be stuck in a hotel room, or in a car, get out and explore. The best way to do this is rent a bike and go. In Cambodia bicycle tour is popular, because of how small the country is, with what they have to see, and not to mention the traffic, a bike is the best way to get around.

Where can you rent a bike?

Now if you want to explore yourself then there are plenty of places that offer bike rentals, you can get them from the hotel you’re staying at, or just a small shop. Now if you want guided tours then your hotel can hook you up with a tour guide, and they can establish a connection, on where to go, how long and so on. If you seen any places that say “tours” then you should head in and ask if they offer such tours and then you’d be good to go.

What are the best tours?

In Cambodia bicycle tours are very popular, with that being it’s important to choose one of the best tours, that way you can get the full experience. Here are some of the best;

  • Angkor cycling adventure, you get to travel through an ancient temple, you could also see the scenic landscapes of Siem Reap. You get to immerse yourself in the culture, and you get to see the real Cambodia.
  • Cambodia backroads by bike, you get to explore the temple and ruins, among that the floating villages, and you get to see the art, and history that the French brought.
  • Cambodia heritage by bike. This is a 7 day ride, it will allow you to explore the cities of Cambodia and immerse yourself with the locals and so on.
  • Cycling Cambodia’s pepper route. You get a chance to explore and see the crop lands, but there is so much more.

How much will it cost?

The cost of these rides will depend on how long it is, some can be a week, or two, it will also depend on where you are riding around in. Usually for one week it will cost about $1500, but this could drop depending on the seasons too. And sometimes there are some great deals you can’t miss put on.

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