Best Places in Geneva that You Can Visit for Free


Although Geneva is one of the most expensive cities, not only from Swiss but from all over the world, you can visit in on a budget. There are plenty of museums, parks and lakes that you can see without paying.

Muséed’histoire des sciences (Museum of History of Science)

Located in Villa Bartholoni , this little museum presents the history of science and provides more information about important scientists like Pictet, de la Rive, Colladan and Saussure. Besides, there is a collection of thermometers, telescopes, microscopes etc.

InstitutetMusée Voltaire

Voltaire was exiled to Geneva and spent 5 years in the house that now has become a museum. The museum is located in LesDélicesand it displays 25.000 volumes on Voltaire. Moreover, you can admire diverse paintings of Voltaire and his family and friends. Also, there are two plater busts of Rousseau and Voltaire.

Muséumd’histoirenaturelle (Natural History Museum)

Natural History Museum is located in Eaux-Vives . The museum has an impressive collection of preserved and stuffed animals. Also, you can see for free the floors that focus on the evolution of man, astronomy and geosciences. What’s more special about this museum is the collection of moon stones that was offered as a present to the museum from NASA. Moreover you will have the chance to use the earthquake simulator and to see the bronze statue of the oldest human fossil named Australopithecus Lucy.


Located in Old Town,MaisonTavel displays a large collection historical objects and artefacts that are from the Genevan past, particularly from the medieval period. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to watch a 3D short movie about Geneva’s history. You can find the screening audio in German languages, French and English. In addition the museum provides free Wi-Fi. Admission is free only for the permanent expositions, for those who are temporary you will have to pay.

Ariana Museum

If you like to admire the designs of a building, you should visit this museum only for its beautiful architecture. Founded by Gustave Revillion in the 19th century, the museum exposes a fine selection of ceramic plates and vases, decorative cups and statues. It also provides information about ceramics. Now you can find out how ceramic is being made. If you want an audio guide you will have to pay. In addition, here you can find a café-bar, a library and free Wi-Fi.

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