Best 8 places to include in your trip to London


A city of dreams, A city that has iconic architecture, stance and culture – London has amazes the tourists in every visit. Though there are unlimited places to visit in London the top 8 best places to visit with Cathay Pacific are:

  1. The tower bridge
    Crossing the River Thames, the tower bridge which is a beautiful Masterpiece made in the 19th century shows the excellence in architecture and strength. The boat sail offers the majestic experience of the tower bridge which allows you to go under the bridge which gives a beautiful view of the urban city culture with beautiful buildings surrounding the edges of the river. While you are at the tower bridge you could also explore the nearby historic places like the castle tower of London which dates back to the 11th century, and the Roman wall which takes us to ancient times of 3rd Century masonry art.
  2. Camden town
    The Camden town was earlier a base for industrial economic region and presently it is serving as a region for service industries that include retail, entertainment, and tourism. This is a buzzing marketplace that has street markets, music venues, variety of shops and stores. It is closely associated with alternative culture. The Camden market and cyber dog stores are the most popular tourist spots. Here you will find futuristic fashion rave clothes and apparel for clubbing; one of the most prominent features inside the shops is live dancers.
  3. Museums
    If you are passionate about science, history, and an art lover, there are plenty of museums all around London with amazing relics, documents, artefacts, collections, and objects that date back to ancient times. Also, there are museums that are free of cost these museums provide educational and technological information that is knowledgeable and exciting for youth and children. Some of the best museums are the British Museum which comprises of human history, art, and culture; you would be surprised with the Natural History Museum which has a plethora of specimens, variety of exhibits of natural history especially extinct animals like dinosaurs, ecology, mammal’s history, etc.  The third museum that is close by is the science museum, this is an exciting place which has a massive building and beautiful infrastructure the Tourist can touch and experience the science and Technology combined some of the exhibits are Iron lung, 1953. The ’50s was the Jet Age, Black Arrow rocket, 1971, Mill engine, 1903, Valve from the ColossusProject, 1943, and many more.
  4. Big Ben and Palace of Westminster
    One of the iconic buildings that represent the British culture which was built in 1859 stands as a tall spectacle that brings a lot of tourist traction. It is located at the north end of the Palace of Westminster which is better known to the world as the seat of the parliament of the UK. The tower which beholds Big Ben was originally named the clock tower. In 2012 the tower was renamed as Elizabeth Tower. Just around the corner, you would find a fantastic Gothic architecture Westminster Abbey with fine British characteristics.
  5. London Eye
    Located at the Pristine waters near the south banks of the River Thames which overlook Big Ben and Westminster side is the giant Ferris Wheel is known as the London Eye or the Millennium Wheel,this tall structure is 135 meters tall and the diameter of the wheel is 120 meters. It gives a  breath-taking experience as you can see the entire city from the cantilevered observation wheel.
  6. Little Venice
    It is a pretty romantic and a place which is well-decorated with tree-lined on the three-way junction of the canals. It’s a beautiful neighbourhood that is at a centre with embellished houseboats. The houseboats are pretty and the aerial view of the area is gorgeous. It is known to be one of the notable residential areas with restaurants, shops, pubs, and theatres. It is a must-visit for tourists as you can shop, eat and enjoy in one place. It is just opposite to the busy bustling city with a refreshing outlook that gives you a whole new experience of London.
  7. Hyde Park
    one of the prominent parks in London is Hyde Park, it has a lot of footfall of tourists because this place has both noisy, loud, and entertaining areas at the same time a nook for relaxation.  This is a magnificent place which hosts many events and concerts for musical nights and entertainment that attracts a lot of tourists and visitors. It had a beautiful addition of fountains in the memory of Diana Princess of Wales in the year 2004.
  8. Buckingham Palace
    Buckingham Palace is the residence of the queen; it is one of the world’s most iconic Royal buildings. Throughout the world, there are only a few Royal palaces that are still in working condition and the Royal Buckingham Palace is one of them. For tourists and visitors, the iconic guard mounting or changing the guard ceremony is a delightful event to witness. The activity is conducted by soldiers who are on duty from the foot guards responsible to guard the sovereign and the royal palaces from the year 1660.

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