5 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Hamilton


For many decades travelers have been heading out on campervan hire new zealand journeys to enjoy the unique terrain and ample activities the country has to offer. One of the top places to stop has long been Hamilton, which offers a perfect mix of outdoor adventure and cultural delights. There is so much to see and do in this region that you will want to schedule in a few days just to make sure you can fit it all in and not miss out on anything. Like with all places, there are some definite don’ts that will help to make your trip more pleasurable if you know what to avoid. So keep these in mind and you will no doubt enjoy this incredible region.

Don’t Miss Out On The Town

There are so many attractions in the surrounding wilderness areas that you may overlook Hamilton itself, but this is a mistake since the town is home to an abundance of terrific places to visit and enjoy. For example, if you skip Hamilton itself you will miss out on the majestic Hamilton Gardens, one of the top urban gardens in the world, plus a host of great restaurants and nightlife that will keep you well entertained. This is a vibrant and exciting town with a lot of great things to see, so make sure to see them when you’re in town and not miss out completely on the city of Hamilton.

Don’t Skip The Culture

It would be understandable if your schedule is full of exciting outdoor adventures such as hiking and caving when in the Hamilton region, but make sure to get in some culture as well. It’s all about having the right balance, and if you schedule in some museum stops, for example the amazing ArtsPost Galleries, then you will be able to get in some much needed culture in this artsy and culturally rich haven. Another one to check out is the Waikato museum which will give you a full overview of the region’s amazing history. Any campervan hire new zealand journey is all about both enjoying the land and learning about it as well, and you should definitely get in both when you’re in Hamilton since this is the heart of the area’s cultural history and a colorful, artsy city to see and explore. If you miss out on the culture, then you are missing out on Hamilton.

Don’t Forget Your Safety

Because Hamilton is a warm and inviting area, you may be fooled into thinking the surrounding forest region is not completely wild and remote. The fact of the matter is that this is some of the most dense and wild territory in New Zealand. You may be just a few miles outside Hamilton, but you may as well be thousands of miles away since this rugged landscape is devoid of cell phone reception, wi-fi, and places to look for help should you get yourself injured or in trouble. For this reason you should treat journeys into the surrounding wild regions like you would any outdoor journey, with proper equipment and safety steps in place. Each year there are accidents in the region, including deaths, so don’t become a statistic and plan accordingly.

Don’t Miss The Lakes

While the region’s wildlife and wilderness regions are the main attraction for many travelers, don’t forget about the equally thrilling lake region that surrounds Hamilton and can be reached by just a short drive. Here you have the lovely Hamilton Lake which is known as a top place to hike and boasts some amazing sunsets that aren’t to be missed. This gorgeous region is an absolute must and if you’re into boating or lake swimming then this is your place for sure. The locals have long known about this region, so follow their advice and hit the Lakes.

Don’t Miss The Rivers Either

Another thing not to miss is the mighty Waikato River which connects to Lake Taupo. While many focus on the majestic lake, the river is also an attraction with its kayaking opportunities, it’s prime fishing spots, and it’s bike trails that run along the banks. Of course you should check out Taupo, but don’t forget the river that gives it its water supply.

It would be tough to not have a great time in the Hamilton region. Many of the top attractions in the country are located here, making it an absolute must for any campervan hire new zealand journey. As long as you take these don’ts to heart and make sure to take in Hamilton as it was meant to be seen, then you will no doubt enjoy the experience and adventure of a lifetime in this inviting, culturally rich, and much-loved travelers dream of a town and region.

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