5 reasons why Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India


Till about 3 decades ago Bangalore, the beautiful capital of Karnataka was known for its cool and dreamy weather, its large, green gardens, its warm and wholesome Udipi restaurants, its fashionable dwellers, and for their stylish mansions. The onset of the dot-com bubble in the United States, however, brought about a similar tech revolution in India. And right at the heart of this revolution was Namma Bengaluru (Our Bangalore). The city is now a burgeoning IT hub and home to several top multinational corporations of the world North Miami Beach Real Estate. Home to a population of 1.23 crore people (considerably more than the population of New York or London), this city is now hailed as the Silicon Valley of India. Here’s why –

  • Silicon Valley is the region of the San Francisco Bay Area (Northern California) that is known for its numerous IT corporations and start-ups. It is the epicentre of high technological developments and innovation. Bengaluru in Karnataka is quite similar in the numerous IT companies that have decided to set up base here. The city’s greatest industry is its booming technology. Not only do major global tech corporations have a presence here, the city is also home to a great number of small and medium sized enterprises.
  • Silicon Valley in California is home to some of the largest high-tech corporations of the world. Some of these include Apple Inc. Facebook, Google, Adobe, HP, Oracle, and Cisco. Most of these companies have offices in Bangalore too.
  • Apart from the ones mentioned, Bengaluru is also home to the international offices of a number of well-known companies including SAP technologies, Mindtree, Accenture, IBM, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, Cognizant Technology Solutions, and Capgemini. This makes Bangalore one of the most visited destinations for business travellers to India. There are thousands of hotels for corporate events in Bangalore and its suburbs. The real estate prices in Bangalore are some of the highest in all of India.
  • Quite like its US counterpart, the Silicon Valley of India attracts the brightest and most brilliant minds from across the country. What this means, apart from the development of high technology and a burgeoning population, is a cosmopolitan culture that is a melting pot of many cultures. You are likely to find people from almost all parts of the country. The city is now a hotspot for all sorts of cultural activities and art forms; every festival (religious or social) is celebrated here with equal fervour and enthusiasm.
  • The Silicon Valley of San Francisco is known for its laid-back Californian lifestyle. At the same time, it is home to some of the world’s best restaurants and watering holes. It is this global influence that is visible in Bangalore, perhaps more than any other city in India. While on the one hand you will find the best Pan Asian restaurants in Bangalore, on the other you can find Continental, Greek, and African food as well. Just about anything you want, you are likely to find here. Bangalore’s breweries, bars, and pubs are among the most popular in the entire country.

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