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Why You Have to Schedule a Walking Holiday in Spain

One of the best places to try out a new pair of hiking boots is in the country of Spain. Spain is just one locale that seems to draw visitors to its countryside. The bucolic landscape and variations in terrain make a Spain walking holiday one that will be relived time and again.

Walking the Languedoc Coastline

If you enjoy water views and feel that your ability to traverse over hill and dale is average, you may want to set your sights on taking a walking holiday along the Languedoc coastline. This type of tour is typically featured from mid-January until the first part of July. You can also take this trek from September to mid-November. This self-guided walk enables you to explore the beauty of both the French and Spanish coastline.

Experience Catalonia

Not only do hikers get to savour the Mediterranean warmth but they can also view the peaks of the Pyrenees and the shoreline on each side of the French and Spanish border. Typically, you can test your mettle on this hike for six nights. This tour also includes the beautiful and expansive area of Catalonia.

You will love taking this walking excursion as Catalonia has its own vivacious personality. The culture is as distinct as the landscape. Visitors can walk through inviting fishing villages as well as pass craggy headlands, precipitous cliffs, and rock-carved coves. All the while, you can enjoy the view of the ocean, which always glistens in the ever-alluring light of the coast.

Costa Brava

The coast that you will pass is called Côte Vermeille in the French language and Costa Brava in Spanish. Plus, this place holds both a historical and artistic interest for travellers. The mentioned villages have attracted a number of famous artists including Picasso, Dali, and Matisse. You too can see why this area has inspired artists to recreate the environment through drawings and paintings.

On this specific excursion, you normally will arrive in Cadaqués by way of the Girona airport. Or if you arrive by train, you will come through the Figueres Vilafant station. Normally, guests come from the city of Barcelona when accessing this route, which is one of the more popular guided walking holidays in Spain that guests can take on their own.

An Enchanting Beginning

The town of Cadaqués can only be described as enchanting. That is why it is not surprising that the area was a favourite of such artists as Salvador Dali and Picasso. Dali described his time in the town as “dreamy.”

On day two of your journey, you will begin your walking journey by hiking out to the Cap de Creus. By taking this path, you will be rewarded with some lovely coastal views. The rock outcroppings resemble natural sculptures depicting both mythological creatures and real fauna. You can see outlines of camels, eagles, cats, and dragons in the rocks. Some of the visitors take time to dine at a restaurant in this charming locale.

El Port de la Selva

After your visit to Cadaqués, you will move on toward El Port de la Selva, which is about a 4.5 hour walk. The journey is about 12 kilometres overall. The walking path leads to the centre of the Cap de Creus National Park and provides spectacular views of the Catalan terrain. Once you arrive in El Port de la Selva, you will be provided with memorable views of a varied landscape that offers visitors mountain scenery and tranquil water views.


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