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Some Beautiful Reasons to Holiday in France

Located in the middle of Western Europe and at the centre of many tourist’s wish lists, France is a country adored by many and visited annually by millions. It could take several lifetimes to visit every single amazing sight hidden inside this long-lived country, and this is why so many people come back for additional trips after their first one. Cycling holidays are especially great when enjoyed inside France, especially when you consider the many hidden gems of beauty and wonder that are not accessible with the use of conventional vehicles.

The Villages

Although most French villages are very much part of the modern world, what with the constant access to the Internet, ATMs, and cell phone towers, there are still many buildings that remain the same as the day they were built hundreds of years ago. Perfectly melded into one, bustling atmosphere, you can find modern technologies sitting next to ancient and historic architecture, beautiful views, and a pace of life that feels slower than in other locations. During your cycling tour, you are sure to see many spectacular sights from one village to the next, and meeting with the locals will allow you access to many more hidden gems.


It is known around the world that France is home to some of the best cuisine in the world, and one day in this beautiful country will affirm this popular opinion to be the truth. Sauces, cheeses, breads, champagne, pastries, and much more await you on nearly every street corner, and you can sample some recipes that remain the same as those served to royalty centuries ago. While you take part in the many amazing foods available, you can rest easy knowing that cycling in France on holiday will help you burn off any calories gained from one meal to the next.


Known as the birthplace of impressionism, France is home to many different types of beautiful and timeless art pieces, as well as a large community of modern artists. The Giverny house and gardens, the subject of many Claude Monet paintings, is one location you can visit during your cycling holiday if you want to see a master’s work in person. The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is a great place to stop along the way, along with the Louvre, for the chance to see some of the best artwork in the world gathered together in just a few places.


The Palace of Versailles is truly a marvel of architecture and one of the most visited locations in the country by those visiting for leisure and business. The monument to excess was once a bustling location for the court under Louis XVI and his wife Marie-Antoinette, and the number of people who visit its halls rival the number of people who once graced them during that historic time. No matter if you travel to France to explore its unparalleled landscapes or to forge new friendships, this is one opportunity that should never be allowed to pass you by while you have the chance to take it.

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